Managing Organisational Memory ( OM ) in the Public Sector

International Journal of Applied Public Sector Management (ISSN: 1742-2655) Volume 1 Issue 2

Arnold Kransdorff and Russell Williams

Pencrop Group and Dundee Graduate School of Management

Keywords: Intellectual Capital, Organisational Memory, Public Sector Management, Oral Debriefing, Learning History, Learning Audit.


Although it has lagged behind the private sector, the flexible labour market is an increasingly common feature on the public sector landscape. With human input continuing to be important in the provision of an output or service, managers need to adopt strategies to accommodate the problem of exiting expertise and the discontinuity that short enterprise tenure delivers if there is to be an upside to its application. This paper considers one such solution categorised under the auspices of ‘Knowledge Management' and ‘The Learning Organisation' – the management of Organisational Memory (OM), the unique institution-specific know-how that characterises any organisation's ability to perform.

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