'New Professionals' - Mainstreaming or Marginalisation

International Journal of Applied Public Sector Management (ISSN: 1742-2655) Volume 1 Issue 2

Lynne Gornall* and Dr Brychan Thomas**

University of Glamorgan

* Telematics Development Manager, Information Systems and Campus Services
** Research Fellow, Welsh Enterprise Institute, Business School


The shift from teaching to learning in HEIs, together with changing sources of funding for innovation, have had important implications for staff roles. ‘New Professionals', the staff whose posts exemplify these changes, have a variety of backgrounds – academic, library, IT, media services, staff develop, ‘projects', and many can be regarded as occupying ‘hybrid' roles which cross traditional job boundaries. Such roles may be regarded as at the heart of much higher educational thinking today, yet after a decade of HE change, it is not entirely clear that these posts or people are at the heart of their institution. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that whilst the rhetoric may place such work at the ‘centre' of the organisation, the contractual and status position of many of these staff is more likely to be at the margins of the HE labour market.


New Professionals, Teaching, Learning, Hybrid Roles

The findings reported in this paper were originally presented at the ALT99 interactive session with the aim of seeking the views, suggestions and comments of the participants. ALT members could be regarded as at the forefront of ‘new T&L professionalism', but what the acknowledged characteristics of this group might be was up for discussion. The session offered the opportunity to engage in and help shape an emerging area of research.

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