International Journal of Applied Public Sector Management

The contrast with a couple of decades ago is remarkable. An outsider who eavesdrops at a gathering of public sector managers today would find a different vocabulary in use to that which was current some years ago. Then the emphasis was on administration, service maintenance, efficiency, incrementalism, phased development, management by objectives, manpower planning, managerial training and corporate planning. Now the language comprises terms such as managerialism, cash limits, management development, human resource management, opting out, top down, bottom up, value for money, bottom line, ring fencing, economies, resource constraints, cash flow, income generation, customers, effectiveness and ever increasingly the quality of service provision.

All of these may merely qualify as "buzz words". However, when such a transformation in language occurs, it is reasonably safe to assume that it reflects a marked change in emphasis and indicates that a profound and extensive redirection has taken place in the way in which in which public sector organisations are managed.

It is the intention of this journal to afford an opportunity for all the issues, ideas, prejudices, beliefs and crystal-gazing to be aired and fruitful discussions and meaningful, suitably aligned debate to ensue.

Feature Articles

Public Sector Management: Beyond the Hype
Professor Peter M Jackson

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Institutionalising Local Economic Development: A Trends Based Analysis of New Approaches in South Africa
Mr Johan C Ackron and Prof Erwin Schwella

Government-Wide Management Reforms - Vision, Obstacles, Remedies
Dr Morris Robert Bosin

Issue: 2

HRM and Teamwork Within the Context of Change: An Analysis of the Implementational Impact of Theoretical Constructs on the Prison Service Organisation, Linking Healthcare With the Disciplines of Security and Control
Derrick Walker

'New Professionals' - Mainstreaming or Marginalisation
Lynne Gornall and Dr Brychan Thomas

Managing Organisational Memory ( OM ) in the Public Sector
Arnold Kransdorff and Russell Williams

A Typology of Commitment In Local Government and the Public Ethos
Martyn Lowe

Issue: 1

Convincing the Sceptics: Selected Case Studies in Public Sector T.Q.M.
Professor Bob Haigh & Professor D. S. Morris

Implementation of T.Q.M. in the Public Sector
Professor Bob Haigh & Professor D. S. Morris with Dr. Uche Nwabueze

The Changing Public Sector
Professor Bob Haigh & Professor D. S. Morris

Public Sector Management: Beyond the Hype
Professor Peter M Jackson