Teaching Principles of Excellence Using the European Quality Award Model

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 1 Issue 3

Professor Mohamed Zairi
Head of the European Centre for TQM
University of Bradford, UK


As the Business Community moves into the 21 st Century through pioneering with the Quality Concept, the academic debate on the merits / de-merits of TQM as a sound management approach will continue to rage on.

The paper argues the case for TQM in the education provision context. It highlights the importance of TQM to providers of academic courses, particularly in a Higher Education environment. The paper pinpoints the importance of focusing on core processes, customer orientation and the emphasis on continuous improvement, measurement and TQM-based competitiveness.

In order to support the various arguments presented, the paper discusses an approach adopted at Bradford Management Centre (UK) to teach TQM at postgraduate MBA level, using the European Quality Award Model as the framework for the course design and delivery. The paper then concludes by presenting some key arguments on the importance of ‘linkages’ for a total approach to delivering academic excellence. An evaluation of the ‘Bradford Pilot’ is also included, together with useful comments from some of the participants in the MBA programme.

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