The CEO’s Guide to Six Sigma Success

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 2 Issue 1

Thirty three common hurdles that can obstruct your Six Sigma program
Also contains useful tips for CEOs on how to review your Six Sigma projects

by Arun Hariharan
with a Foreword by Dr. Mikel J. Harry


This white paper is a "must read" for any executive contemplating the launch of a Six Sigma Program. The author's direct "hands-on" experience is most evident as he covers the many "lessons learned". The paper reflects a level of insight and wisdom that only comes after the personal experience of leading a Six Sigma effort. I would strongly recommend that executives and practitioners alike read this enlightening paper.

Dr. Mikel J. Harry
June 17 2004

(Dr. Mikel Harry was one of the original principal architects of the Six Sigma methodology at Motorola in the 1980’s, and is the world’s leading authority on Six Sigma. He is the founder and former Chairman of the Six Sigma Academy. He has coached leaders of many global corporations. Dr. Harry is the Chairman & President of the Six Sigma Management Institute).


This Guide is based on the author’s experience in leading the implementation of a highly successful corporate Six Sigma Quality program that has been recognized as a model for speed of implementation and results. In the first eighteen months, the program has resulted in 80% improvement in the company’s customer satisfaction scores on impacted parameters and financial benefits of US $ 18 million. It is also contains insights obtained from a study of Six Sigma programs at several other companies – both successful and otherwise.

The objectives of the Guide are twofold. The first objective is to share possible roadblocks or challenges that most organizations would encounter in their Six Sigma journey. It would help any organization from any industry in avoiding these roadblocks and shorten the time that it would take them to get real business benefits from their Six Sigma implementation. The second objective is to provide CEOs with useful tips on how to review their Six Sigma projects. Section 2 of this Guide is “The CEO’s Guide to Six Sigma Project Review” and can be used separately as a pullout. It will help CEOs keep your Six Sigma reviews extremely effective, focused and brief.

While this is written as a “CEO’s Guide”, all members of senior management and Quality leaders would find it equally useful.

About the Author

Arun Hariharan is a Quality, Knowledge Management and Performance Management practitioner. He is Senior Vice President – Knowledge Management at Bharti Cellular (www.bharti.com). He can be contacted at arun_hariharan@rediffmail.com.

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