The Rise and Decline of TQM in the NHS

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 1 Issue 1

Dr Uche Nwabueze
College of Business & Economics
Houston Baptist University, Texas


Total Quality Management (TQM) was the management approach of the 1990s. With roots in both the USA and Japan, it was, with the active encouragement of the Department of Health, universally adopted within the British National Health Service (NHS).

However, the consensus of opinion is that hospital units experienced tremendous difficulties in achieving sustainable TQM, which resulted in ‘total’ disillusionment and, as a consequence, a decline in efforts to adopt TQM across the NHS.

Against this background, this paper will consider the barriers experienced by the NHS in the implementation of TQM, which if identified earlier and eliminated, could have prevented the decline in the adoption of TQM as a strategy for improving the provision and delivery of quality patient care.

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