Is Company 'A' a Quality Organisation?

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 1 Issue 2

Nikki Shillito, Dearne Valley Business School


The author has undertaken an investigation within Company 'A' to answer the question 'Is Company 'A' a Quality Organisation?'. This investigation serves to determine where the company is in the long journey towards Total Quality Management (TQM) and makes recommendations to move the company forward in its quest. The research provided an analysis of quality management within the organisation and its effectiveness in achieving the organisational goals in terms of performance enhancement and customer satisfaction.

Other research undertaken was aimed at understanding the perception of the various management levels within the business of the meaning of quality, its purpose and its benefits. This serves to determine the level of understanding of quality, the level of quality education in the workplace and to understand how deep the quality philosophy has become. Secondary data was gathered through reading on quality management, mainly based on the work of P Crosby (1979), J Duran (1974), and W.E. Deming (1986).

The conclusions are that the current status of quality within Company 'A' was more indicative of quality assurance rather than a Total Quality Management approach. The quality approach found to be evident is satisfactory in the current environment and ensures customer satisfaction although further work is recommended in order to serve the goals and objectives of the organisation and its employees better.

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