Total Production Mining: Its Implementation and Effects

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 1 Issue 1

Anton Fix


The following paper explores a 'quality’ issue and its organisational context at a production unit belonging to RJB Mining UK Ltd. A cost saving initiative is currently being implemented not just at this particular site, but throughout the whole of the organisation, which is aimed at reducing the overall costs of production. The purpose of the initiative, is to positively impact on the bottom line operating costs of RJB mining as a whole.

The issue under investigation is one of ‘quality’ process implementation, where the problem is revealed as a failure in communication between two key levels of the operating unit. The key customers within the process are subsequently identified and a relationship made to three tier organisational control, achieved through quality management. The paper presents a series of recommendations aimed at speeding up the implementation process, and ensuring its overall effectiveness. The costs of meeting the recommendations are discussed and the implications of not doing so is also analysed.

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