Issues in the Development of Inter-professional Working in the NHS: HR interventions to bring about greater efficiency and co-operation

International Journal of Applied Quality Management (ISSN: 1742-2647) Volume 1 Issue 1

M. Lowe and W.G. Lowe

August 2003


A way of providing better healthcare in hospitals is to ensure that the different professions work well together in teams dedicated to patient care. This study sought the view of the director of human resources in 38 acute National Health Service hospitals on the reported success or failure of team working.

While the study found that team working was well established and often perceived to be working well, there were still concerns expressed by the directors of human resources about the problems encountered by team members in overcoming professional barriers.

The study identifies the main areas of concern that have arisen about team working and examines what barriers exist between the professions, which might cause these concerns. A range of human resource interventions are suggested in the study, based on practice in a number of acute hospitals, which have proved successful in addressing and remedying these concerns.

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