International Journal of Applied Quality Management

Far too often in both public and private sector organisations, one is faced with the problem of not merely the determination of what constitutes "Quality", but also with the fact that Senior Management indulges in the paradox of preaching the virtues of Quality Management and Quality Services, while simultaneously demonstrating what could readily be construed as either an unwillingness, or an inability, to support its words with appropriate deeds.

Any organisation setting out on the path which ultimately leads to it become a QUALITY ORGANISATION has to face up to the fact that it must fulfil certain basic criteria to embark on that journey. It needs to determine what is quality; what are the agreed principles of Quality Management; how to differentiate between an ordinary and a quality management system?

Fortunately, help is at hand; if any organisation is dedicated to QUALITY as an integral part of its culture and daily operations, there are countless ideas emanating from so-called "gurus"; books running into tens of thousands; journal articles now running into hundreds of thousands; consultancy firms willing to show organisations "how to do it" proliferate almost by the minute; it is the aim of this journal to cut the "Gordian Knot" of quality by focusing almost exclusively on providing a practical set of up-to-date ideas, thoughts, views case studies, measures in the area of quality in order that all organisations can benefit from such a forum.

Feature Articles

Factors affecting entrepreneurship in transition economies: An evaluation of the development cycles of Polish MBOs
Dr David J Pollard and R David Kirk

Volume: 2

Issue: 2- Special Edition - TQM Critical Factors: The Recipe for Successful Implementation

Service Quality In Higher Education
Dr. Noor Azman Ali and Professor Mohamed Zairi

The Role of QFD in Capturing the Voice of Customers
Mr. David Ginn and Prof. M. Zairi

TQM: Theoretical Insights - Part 2
Dr. A. Al Nofal, Dr. N. Al Omaim and Professor M. Zairi

TQM: Theoretical Insights - Part 1
Dr. A. Al Nofal, Dr. N. Al Omaim and Professor M. Zairi

Knowledge Management: A Proposed Taxonomy
Dr. M. Al Azmi and Prof. M. Zairi

Critical Factors of TQM: An Update on The Literature
Dr. A. Al Nofal, Dr. N. Al Omaim and Prof. M. Zairi

Issue: 1

The Implementation Challenges Of Six-Sigma In Service Business
Eisenhower C. Etienne, PhD.

Managing a Quality Award and Stock Market Reaction: Evidence from Malaysia
Cheah Eng Tuck

The CEO’s Guide to Six Sigma Success
Arun Hariharan, with a Foreword by Dr. Mikel J. Harry

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Teaching Principles of Excellence Using the European Quality Award Model
Professor Mohamed Zairi

TPM- A Strategic Issue for Stelrad
Philip Taylor

Patterns of Quality Management in Singapore
Professor Adrian Wilkinson and Josephine Yong

Issue: 2

Global View of Quality
Navin Shamji Dedhia

Storytelling “ Quality Way ”
Navin Shamji Dedhia

The Pursuit of Total Quality is not a Sprint but a Marathon
Professor Bob Haigh and Professor D. S. Morris

Is Company 'A' a Quality Organisation?
Nikki Shillito

Guanxi: An Aid or Hindrance to the Implementation of Total Quality Management in Chinese Business?
Professor D S Morris & Assistant Professor G V Fernon

Issue: 1

Issues in the Development of Inter-professional Working in the NHS: HR interventions to bring about greater efficiency and co-operation
M. Lowe and W.G. Lowe

Implementing T.Q.M. - A Values-Driven Approach
Professor Bob Haigh and Professor D. S. Morris

Champions of Quality
Navin Shamji Dedhia

The Rise and Decline of TQM in the NHS
Dr Uche Nwabueze

Total Production Mining: Its Implementation and Effects
Anton Fix

“How to do it!” : T.Q.M. and Healthcare Services
Professor Bob Haigh and Professor D. S. Morris with Dr. Uche Nwabueze