The Framework for Project Teams Optimal Assignment Based on Fuzzy Logic

International Journal of Applied Strategic Management (ISSN: 1742-8204) Volume 1 Issue 3

Darko Galinec


Project team work depends considerably on the contribution of its members and its management as well. Cooperation among members depends on the leader who is supposed to encourage interactions, growth and knowledge exchange among members. To identify the importance of each individual, a leader/manager must evaluate individual contributions. On the basis of such assessments, necessary and possible actions will be undertaken to improve the achievements of the team as a whole. A leader usually has defective and incomplete information at his disposal and, besides, is subjective. To solve the aforesaid problem, fuzzy approach and fuzzy logic are used. Fuzzy logic, as a method for soft-computing, as input values employs data with the following features; uncertainty and partial verity, indistinctive borders among particular categories. Fuzzy evaluation system has been designed to reduce evaluation subjectivity. The developed system, further on, serves to constitute project teams, by choosing a particular configuration of people within a team considering their knowledge and skills. The framework for project teams optimal assignment has been developed, based on usage of a fuzzy system together with an AHP decision making support system.

Keywords: AHP, assignment, evaluation, fuzzy approach, fuzzy logic, project team, uncertainty

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