Gender, Organisations and Malestream Environment

International Journal of Applied Strategic Management (ISSN: 1742-8204) Volume 2 Issue 1

Mammed Bagher and Janet Hanna
Napier University Business School
School of Management


Despite the existence of legislation protecting women against sex discrimination, both in the UK and European Union, it would still appear that women are being disadvantaged in the working environment. Women are discouraged through a variety of methods from undertaking traditional male roles. This ultimately leads to decisions being taken which can exclude women from so called traditional male jobs and consequently senior positions of influence within organisations. This notion suggests that not only women are disadvantaged by their gender but also men are more advantaged by theirs.

In this paper the authors will attempt to examine the role that feminism has played in order to level the playing field within the society and whether it has made a significant contribution to overcoming the so-called ‘malestream’ society.

Key words: Gender, Organisations, Sexism, Education, Employment

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