A Strategic Alliance Between the Public and Private Sectors: The Case of the Financial Services Strategy for Scotland

International Journal of Applied Strategic Management (ISSN: 1742-8204) Volume 2 Issue 3

Juleff, L.E., Paton, C. and Pettigrew, M.
School of Accounting and Economics, Napier University, Edinburgh


This paper begins by identifying some of the key themes in the literature relating to the growth of business services, and specifically financial services, in the UK and beyond. These findings then provide a basis for an examination of the specific role of financial services within the Scottish economy. Potential opportunities for, and threats to, growth in this sector are identified, and the implications of these for the future role of financial services within the Scottish economy are considered.

The later sections of this paper discuss the newly formed strategic alliance between private sector financial services firms and the public sector in the form of the Scottish Executive, which is designed to ensure the future growth of the Scottish financial services sector. The key elements of this strategy are discussed, and a number of questions raised regarding its probable success or failure.

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