International Journal of Applied Sustainable Development

The International Journal of Applied Sustainable Development (IJASD) seeks to provide prospective authors and readership respectively presentation and discourse in and around this extremely important area of consideration. Difficulty remains for the business management practitioner a clear definition of the term Sustainable Development, notwithstanding the plethora of highly qualified research pointedly identifying that current global, national, regional and local development remains ‘relatively’ unsustainable.

Given the broad vista of journals apropos this site the editorial team recognised there resides the need of invitation for written work in this area, particularly in its ‘applied’ sense. The philosophy and emergent theory’s germane to the Sustainable Development imperative require succinct underpinning by way of due presentation of said philosophy and theories being effectively applied. This journal seeks therefore to be both wide and interdisciplinary pursuant to furtherance of the debate and discussion of the concept of Sustainable Development and most importantly its application in practice.

IJASD invites contributions having global, national, regional or local, application ranging from the philosophical to the practically applied perspective. All contributions are refereed within the ‘applied’ principle the overriding aim being provision of quality, original material.

IMJ seeks to promote Sustainable Development ‘thinking’ in all spheres of management, such thinking might only be borne out of raised awareness to its philosophical existence and theoretical emergence and most importantly evidence of practical application. This area of consideration is simply too important to ignore, the future bodes ill for those in continued search of competitive advantage bereft of appreciation, affiliation and embrace of the ‘Sustainable Development imperative’.

Feature Articles

Modelling a Systemic Industrial Policy Ecosystem: A Case Analysis of Singapore
Dr. Andrew L S Goh, Ph.D.

Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Modelling a Systemic Industrial Policy Ecosystem: A Case Analysis of Singapore
Dr. Andrew L S Goh, Ph.D.

Issue: 1

Development Strategies for Rural Renewable Energy in China and India: A Comparison
Huang Liming and David Pollard

Sustainable Development: Ideology Considered
Michael G Dilcock