Professor Kerry Howell

Plymouth Business Scool

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Professor Kerry E. Howell H.DIP, Bsc (Econ), Cert Ed, DIPFM, PhD.

Chair of Governance and Leadership

Plymouth Business School


Professor Howell holds the Chair in Governance and Leadership at the University of Plymouth. He is Director of the Peninsula Centre for Sustainable Governance (PCSG), sits on numerous editorial boards, is a Jean Monnet Associate and Chair of the Practitioner Sub-Committee for the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES).

Professor Howell has a PhD in European policy and business and recently completed a research monograph entitled: 'Europeanization, European Integration and Financial Services: Developing Theoretical Frameworks and Synthesising Methodological Approaches', (2004) Palgrave Press. This investigated the relationship between theory and methodology through an empirical study of European financial services regulation. Professor Howell has also written a number of books regarding the European Union (EU), financial services, the euro and the Eurozone.

Professor Howell has published refereed journal articles in the Journal of International Banking Regulation (JIBR), 'Politics', the 'Journal of Financial Services Marketing' (JFSM), the 'Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics' (JIE), 'Public Policy and Administration' (PPA) 'Current Politics and Economics of Europe' (CPEE) and 'Contemporary Wales'. These papers are diverse in that they draw on different theoretical perspectives and give an interdisciplinary nature to his work. Each article analyses financial services in relation to European public policy and governance.

Professor Howell has also managed a number of consultancy projects for various institutions e.g. the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI), the Jean Monnet Foundation, Frizzell Financial Services and the Worshipful Company of Insurers. Furthermore, he also acted as an economic consultant for Cambridge Econometrics and been a political consultant and research fellow for numerous companies and business associations.

Professor Kerry E. Howell


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