Michael Dilcock

Status : IMJ Management
Institution/Organisation : International Management Journals
Occupation : IMJ Managing Director/Trustee Director, Earth Centre UK/Project Manager, Highway Waste Innovation Centre UK
Country : United Kingdom
Registered : 26/01/2004

Michael G Dilcock PhD researcher, BA (Hons) Business Studies and MA (Distinction) in Management (HRM). Michael's research in sustainable development has produced numerous published articles and conference presentations in addition to teaching and supervision at both graduate and post graduate levels an active involvement ensues in community regeneration by way of promoting/supporting creation and continuance of sustainable community enterprises. Post his twenty five years of senior managerial experience in the UK construction/utilities industries a more altruistic appreciation of the need for effective interface between academic assessment and the applied issues of business management came to the fore.

As an assistant editor of three established ‘hard copy’ management journals coupled with acquired knowledge of the ‘ups and downs’ of personal pursuance to publication the concept of IMJ was gestated, afforded birth and duly developed. Working closely with Prof Bob Haigh and other esteemed internationally placed colleagues Michael was suitably enthused to afford serious academic/business practitioners and aspirant authors the opportunity to publish ‘quickly’ their empirically presented work in respective fields of appreciation coupled with an interactive forum wherein serious and valuable debate might ensue.

Given the inherent ever growing power of electronic communication Michael is convinced beyond measure that IMJ is at the cutting edge of the ‘immediate interface’ much needed in the global advance of best management appreciation and applied practice.

Articles by Michael Dilcock:

HRM & Personnel Management: A Comparative Analysis
A Virtuous Circle? An Applied HR Consideration of Learning, Development, Quality and Flexibility
Sustainable Development: Ideology Considered