Professor Bob Haigh

Status : IMJ Editor In Chief
Institution/Organisation : International Management Journals
Occupation : IMJ Editor In Chief
Country : United Kingdom
Registered : 26/01/2004

Professor Bob Haigh worked at Sheffield City Polytechnic/Sheffield Hallam University for over thirty thirty years.

He was Head of Department of Public Sector Administration and Law for sixteen years and headed Research and Staff Development in Sheffield Business School for eight years.

He has published in excess of fifty books and some two hundred other publications.

He has held a Visiting Professorship at the Univeristy of Leicester Management Centre for the past ten years and since 2000 has been Professor Emeritus (in perpetuity) at Sheffield Hallam University.

From 1997 to 2003 he was partially seconded to Dearne Valley Business School as Director of Research and Head of the Research Centre, during which time he pioneered a doctoral programme and established three international journals.

He has for many years been a Senior Research Fellow of the Atlantic Council and has addressed some eighty international conferences over the past fifteen years.

Articles by Professor Bob Haigh:

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Convincing the Sceptics: Selected Case Studies in Public Sector T.Q.M.
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“A Suitable Case for Treatment?” : T.Q.M. and the N.H.S.
Teams and Groups
The Changing Public Sector
Changing the Management of the Changing Public Sectors
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