Dr Daniel O'Hare

Status : IMJ Management
Institution/Organisation : International Management Journals
Occupation : Senior Editor & IMJ Development Director
Country : United Kingdom
Registered : 26/01/2004

Dr.Daniel O’Hare has been appointed to the position of Senior Editor and Development Director of IMJ.

As an Associate Lecturer, he currently teaches at the School of Business and Finance, Sheffield Hallam University. He specialises in supervising international masters' business students carrying out final year dissertations and research consultancy projects.

Daniel has extensive background experience in operations management, working for a number of multi-national chemical companies.

He holds an MBA and Ph.D from the University of Hull and his continuing research interests reside primarily within the arena of management education and development.

In addition to his academic interests, Daniel is a director of a number of companies involved in the field of social research, and management development. 

Articles by Dr Daniel O'Hare:

Management Education and Development in the United Kingdom
Can Managers be Taught to Manage?