IMJ looks forward to receipt of submissions:

See our Call for Papers for full details.

Submissions via the IMJ site procedure are preferred if saved as Microsoft Word or RTF documents and sent as an e-mail attachment to submissions@managementjournals.com.

The submission email should state:

Upon acceptance IMJ may request articles are resubmitted conforming to IMJ presentation guidelines. Papers already completed that do not conform to the conventions may be submitted in their existing format.

IMJ further promotes Guest Editors to present 'special editions' particularly aligned to any one of the subject areas covered in each of our journals. Prospective editors should contact the IMJ Editor in Chief via the standard submission address:



We do not seek copyright of your original article, other than to request that you do not publish the article, research note. monograph elsewhere within six months of our publication.

Published files (IMJ formatted PDF and HTML) are copyright International Management Journals, managementjournals.com Ltd.

Publishing Timeframe

IMJ guarantees publication of accepted papers wihtin 1 month of acceptance where the author is an IMJ member and the article conforms to our presentation guidelines. Non-member submissions are always welcomed and publication is guaranteed within 3 months of acceptance where the article conforms to our presentation guidelines.